OMB Control No. 0412-0520; Expiration Date: 10/31/2010 CONTRACTOR EMPLOYEE BIOGRAPHICAL DATA SHEET 1. Name (Last, First, Middle) 2. Contractor's Name 5. Position Under Contract Kleinhenz, Volker 3.
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Laws dot-com legal forms guide the purpose of the form G - three to five a form known as the biographic datasheet is to provide biographic information on an alien you will file this form only as instructed on another immigration application or petition the G - three to five a form is issued by the Department of Homeland Security and consists of two pages there is no filing fee for the submission of the form let's take a quick look at how to file the form and what information is required to successfully submit the form the first section of the form will ask basic information including your name your family's name your date of birth gender nationality file number country of birth and similar information regarding your family members the next portion of the biographic data sheet will require you to submit information concerning your residences over the past five years when filing your residence you must submit the full address of your dwelling and the dates you spent living there in addition you will be asked for your last address outside of the United States of more than a year the same information is required for this section as was required for the previous residency questions following the submission of this information you will be required to answer questions regarding your employment history the biographic data sheet will ask questions concerning your employment over the last five years including your office's addresses the occupation and the dates in which you worked at these jobs the final section of the biographic data sheet will ask you questions regarding why you are submitting the form this section will simply offer you three boxes a naturalization box a status as permanent residence box and other that inquire as to what connection the application is for once you have designated the appropriate connection and have filed the affirmation information you must sign the document as requested to properly complete the biographic data sheet to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws comm